My name is Thomas and I build web applications. Check out some of my projects or learn more about me below. This site also serves as a repository of notes and quotes from books I read.


Some things I built. Follow the links to the live applications or GitHub repositories if you want to inspect further.

Coinscale screenshot


Cryptocurrency trading simulator. Users can assemble their dream portfolio and track its performance through time.

Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB.

Check it out See the code

Crypto Numismatics screenshot

Crypto Numismatics

Portfolio tracker which gives users a simple, convenient overview of their digital currency holdings.

Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, MongoDB.

Check it out See the code

Charts from the Crypt screenshot

Charts from the Crypt

Interactive price history charts for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

Check it out See the code


I am a web developer working primarily with the JavaScript stack. When I started studying programming it felt like an extension of a life-long interest in creating, building and analyzing systems. I find joy in the continuous learning required, whether making things that are useful to other people, or just scratching my own itch.

The name of this site is a reminder to myself that my beliefs will change over time, as they have in the past. I like to read widely to draw inspiration and conclusions from disparate sources, following the guiding principle of strong opinions, weakly held.

I am currently looking for new opportunities to do exciting work with good people. Get in touch if you'd like to talk.