The Player of Games - by Iain M. Banks

"All reality is a game. Physics at its most fundamental, the very fabric of our universe, results directly from the interaction of certain fairly simple rules, and chance; the same description may be applied to the best, most elegant and both intellectually and aesthetically satisfying games. By being unknowable, by resulting from events which, at the sub-atomic level, cannot be fully predicted, the future remains malleable, and retains the possibility of change, the hope of coming to prevail; victory, to use an unfashionable word. In this, the future is a game; time is one of the rules. Generally, all the best mechanistic games--those which can be played in any sense ‘perfectly,' such as grid, Prallian scope, 'nkraytle, chess, Farnic dimensions --can be traced to civilizations lacking a relativistic view of the universe (let alone the reality). They are also, I might add, invariably pre-machine-sentience societies."

Common misconception that; that fun is relaxing. If it is, you're not doing it right.

We are what we do, not what we think. Only the interactions count.