The Compound Effect - by Darren Hardy



  • Start tracking at least one behavior in one area of your life you'd like to change and improve (e.g., money, nutrition, fitness, recognizing others, parenting… any area).


  • Identify your three best habits--those that support your most important goal.

  • Identify your three bad habits that take you off course from your most important goal.

  • Identify three new habits you need to develop to put you on track toward your most important goal.


  • Build your bookend morning and evening routines. Design a predicable and fail-safe world-class routine schedule for you life.


  • Identify the influence the input of media and information is having on your life. Determine what input you need to protect your mind from and how you are going to keep your mind regularly fl ushed with positive,uplifting, and supportive input.

  • Evaluate your current associations. Who might you need to further limit your association? Who might you need to completely dissociate from? Strategize ways you will expand your associations.

  • Pick a peak-performance partner. Decide when, how regularly, and what you will hold each other accountable to, and what ideas you will expect the other to bring to each conversation.

  • Identify the three areas of your life you are most focused on improving. Find and engage a mentor in each of those areas. Your mentors could be people who have accomplished what you wish to and with whom you have brief conversations, or they could be experts who have written down their ideas in books or recorded their ideas on CDs.


  • Find three areas in your life where you can you do "extra" (e.g., weight lifting reps, calls, recognition, sentiments of appreciation, etc.)

  • Identify three areas in your life where you can beat the expectations. Where and how can you create "wow" moments?

  • Identify three ways you can do the unexpected. Where can you differentiate from what is common, normal, or expected?